Special transport

Depending on the clients' requests, Romexped can organize transports of goods considered special due to their nature and characteristics. Such transports are oversized goods (known as oversized) and dangerous goods (ADR). Special road transports need special transport conditions, taking into account various tonnage limitations, restrictions and specific authorizations, which are not a very well-known element by shippers or consignees. Our company offers complete logistics services for the transport of these goods, ensuring that the goods are delivered safely and on time. 

Transportation Oversized Goods

Romexped is a reliable partner for domestic and international oversized transport, regardless of destination. Our oversized transport services provide specialized trucks, destined for goods with a maximum length of 40 meters, a maximum width of 8 meters, a maximum weight of 250 tons and a maximum height of 4.5 meters. 

We can provide transport by multi-axle trailers or modular trailers, created especially for oversized transport. All logistics projects will be accompanied by ADR kits, and the drivers delegated for transport will have all the necessary documentation for the delivery of such transport. 

Romexped services are ideal for the transport of goods in the industrial, agricultural, construction fields, as well as for the transport of generators, wind installations, large engines, metal structures and other types of oversized goods. We offer technical and logistical support throughout the operation, keeping a close connection with partners to ensure that your goods will arrive in time and in conditions of maximum safety at the destination.

Dangerous Goods Transport - ADR

Romexped organizes on request special transports of dangerous goods, especially in the car version, but also containerized (in the ways presented by car, rail and sea). The transport of dangerous goods requires special attention both to the packaging of the goods in order to present them to the transport but also in the elaboration of the afferent documents so that the transport can take place in good order, without interruptions.

The transport of dangerous goods is a special process compared to the standard road transport, due to the fact that the nature of the materials follows special transport and storage conditions. The special restrictions on international roads are an impediment to certain transports. However, the experience of our company recommends us as a reliable partner, since we can ensure the entire transport in safe conditions, following in real time the entire logistics process and safety of goods. Romexped ensures the transport by trucks equipped with ADR kit, driven by experienced drivers and with valid certificates for the transport of dangerous goods.