Rail transport

Do you have a transport ready for delivery, but you can't manage to contract a few dozen trucks to be able to deliver the goods in a few days? The solution consists in choosing the railway services, since the very long distances can be covered by a single logistic project. Thus, you can deliver the equivalent of dozens of trucks in just a few days, also managing to fit in the budget due to low costs. Moreover, railway operators are improving their fleet and infrastructure through advanced technologies and high investments, since the demand is growing, with the development of the world economy. Thus, one can notice an improvement of the railway structure by the appearance of new railways or the reconditioning of the old arteries, compared to the infrastructure of the past. Globally, investments amount to millions of euros to ensure efficiency and safety in rail transport. 

Rail transport represented a great development of industry and economy, offering the possibility of transporting goods in colossal quantities compared to air or road transport. Romexped offers rail transport services through containers, having a direct connection with the port of Constanta for import and export. Also, the railway transport services offered by Romexped are an integral part of the combined or multimodal transport, offering the possibility of direct transport through the containers of loaders (SOC) for import and export. This means of transport represents an advantage of the logistics chain, ensuring the transport of high tonnage goods in safe transport conditions. 

The advantages of rail transport

Rail transport can cover your requirements, offering a wide variety of advantages. Among them we can list:

- Customized solutions depending on demand

- Access to various equipment and partners

- Reduced impact on the environment by reducing the carbon footprint 

- Ensuring a heavy transport capacity (equivalent to 50-70 trucks in a single transport)

- Compliance with delivery terms

- Reduced costs

- Simplification of expeditions 

Romexped for rail transport

The national and international transport services offered by Romexped are complex and can be adapted to your requirements. We offer the possibility to transport large quantities of goods through the railway infrastructure, but we also come to your assistance with loading and unloading services with road transport to the chosen destination. Thus, through door-to-door solutions we want to cover the transhipments from wagons to trucks and taking over the transport by trucks from the loading address. 

The transport will be done through covered warehouses or the platform, depending on the logistical needs. Customs formalities are part of the package of services offered by Romexped, both for transit goods and for import or export goods. Moreover, you can track the shipment through our real-time transport monitoring services.