International freight transport

Romexped Group is a private joint-stock company performing international transport of goods for import / export and transit, in road traffic (including international road transport on different European routes with fully equipped trucks), rail, air, river, sea, groupage, conventional, containerized and oversized.
Implementing high standards of management in performing its work, Romexped achieved to become a well-known, professional and recognized company among other international transport companies, with a well-defined portfolio of clients, stable and in continuous expansion.
Romexped Group always seeks to respond promptly and professionally to the requests from the transport and international expeditions market, partial goods or full loads, for all types of trucks, currently being among the most active forwarders in the country. Romexped uses only insured means of transport and, in addition, transport is governed by CMR international convention. Also, some operations of transport are governed by TIR International Convention which provides additional insurance measures on goods loaded.


By accessing our web site, you can find updated information about the daily offers for international auto transport, containerized transports, rail and air, transport of dangerous and special goods. Romexped Group will always try to maintain itself among the most prompt freight forwarders currently in the market.